Rhetoric for women - Intensiv Course

Rhetoric for Women - intensive course for woman who want to have more say, adopt the right tone and be more assertive! 

The popular training programme “Rhetoric for Women” that Nina Buchaus conducts has welcomed over 500 participants since it started in 2012. The difference between male and female communication can be an obstacle or an asset. Don’t miss this training that gives you concrete tools for surer and more professional impression! 

In this training programme, you learn to get your message across at meetings and oral presentations – skilfully, clearly and intelligibly. 

A professional rhetoric is one that can manage challenging situations during meetings and presentations. Break ineffective habits that often make you feel limited in your role with rhetorical tricks. During the training, women will get the chance to learn how to deliver their message assertively and intelligibly. You’ll also learn how to feel comfortable when giving, for example, oral presentations. By learning persuasion techniques, you’ll quickly radiate more assertiveness and self-assurance. This is something you can make use of inside and outside the office, not least in different types of negotiations. 

Said by participants who had followed the “Rhetoric for Women” training programme 

During the training, you learn: 

Coaching and direct feedback – During the course, all participants get personal feedback about their presentations, which is both challenging and developmental. You are videoed and analysed on one occasion and get constructive feedback to help you achieve the best results with your own development.

Example of a two-day training programme 

Programme and course content 

The training programme abounds with concrete techniques and tools to hone your rhetoric. You get to practice all the techniques and get constructive feedback on how you implemented them. You’ll also get to play a part in other participants’ training and learn from their rhetoric and feedback - better examples are hard to find. Both days start at 09.00 and finish at 16.30. We take a break for lunch and afternoon tea/coffee. 

Training course content day 1 


Training course content day 2 


For questions on training and what’s on offer, please contact Nina Buchaus Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den., tel: +46 (0)70-632 21 92